The Search for the Best Marketing Automation Software

For most business everywhere, using marketing automation software can spell the difference between growing your business into a successful enterprise or slowly losing your business and profits because your competitors have the upper hand in marketing their products/services. And if you’re starting a new business, then it’s only all too important to get your hands on good marketing automation software.

The only question here is that which marketing automation software is considered the best among the rest?

Before we start checking out which is which, let’s define what marketing automation software is. It’s basically a program or application that make it easier for you to schedule marketing emails, segment your contacts, automate social media postings on your Facebook or Twitter company page, and track the lifestyle choices of your consumers in your marketing funnel.

So if you want the best marketing automation software, the one you need has to cover all three concerns above. So without further ado, let’s start searching for the best marketing automation software.

For Large Marketing Teams

For businesses that have marketing teams of more than ten people, there are two marketing automation software that stand out from the rest. First one is Oracle’s Eloqua and Marketo. These two are the ones that are commonly used; there are a few marketing teams that use Adobe’s Campaign and UBM Unica, but nowadays, more and more companies are turning towards Eloqua and Marketo.  Also, the other three have the lowest numbers when it comes to user bases and user ratings.

Now that we only have Eloqua and Marketo, which one is better? In terms of pricing, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to modify more than just your workflow sheet, Marketo seems to deliver more. Also, Marketo has a content calendar feature and this is a very important feature if you’re going to manage your Facebook and Twitter content for marketing purposes. Unfortunately, Eloqua doesn’t have this feature.

For Small to Mid-market Marketing Teams

For small to mid-size companies, there are three major marketing automation software that are considered the best. There’s Hubspot, Pardot, and Act-On.

For the user friendly interface, Act-On is the winner.  It has a stunning user interface and you can really tell that both designers and developers really worked hand-in-hand while developing the software. Navigating within the software is very easy to understand.

Also, Act-On is cheaper compared to Hubspot and Pardot. Act-On’s monthly pricing is at $600 for the Professional Tier while its Enterprise tier is at $2000 per month.

But when it comes to content, which is the lifeblood of any online marketing campaign, Hubspot takes the cake. When it comes to SEO, content management, and all other details that are very important for a marketing campaign, Hubspot really knows its thing. Hubspot is also the software to get if you’re the type of marketer where data is very important for your marketing campaign. With the right data, you can identify which content drives the most traffic and which strategy you need to change, tune, or stop every month.

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