App Marketing

App Marketing Strategies used By Marketing Agencies

Mobile app marketing is all about creating marketing campaigns that interact with your users at each stage of their life cycle: from when they initially download your app, until when they shift to a routine user and brand advocate who performs several in-app purchases. With millions of apps on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, you require an app marketing agency to highlight your mobile app in front of your targeted users.

App Marketing Strategies used By Marketing Agencies


In the awareness stage, the aim is to draw targeted users to a distinct app. There are various ways used to pull new app users and boost awareness about your app. They include;Social media,Paid advertisingApp storeApp review, websites and QR codes


Customers are the lifeblood of your mobile app and your game. If you miss to keep them contented, they'll depart for greener pastures. Some strategies that are currently being applied by marketing agencies to enhance mobile app retention include; In-app messaging, push notifications, loyalty programs, and customer surveys


A conversion is any activity a user takes that supplements monetary value to a firm. It happens when a user; Downloads an app, Sets up an account, Makes an in-app purchase, and Doubles app usage. Tactics used to boost conversion include; Rendering a clear, distraction-free registration method. Assuring your app has an outstanding user interface. Adopting mobile push notifications to lure users to upgrade. Splitting core conversion actions into bite-sized levels, so as to efficiently move the customer further down the mobile app marketing funnel

Mobile App Marketing Metrics which App Marketing agencies focus on

Common Number of Active Daily and Monthly Users-“Active users” is featured carefully. Simply centering on all daily users will skew your data and comprehension of how well your mobile app marketing is doing. App Session Duration-Your app’s session length is the average period a user actively works your app, from login to close. Whether you need to advance in this area depends on what variety of app you have- Acquisitions segmented by Referral Source. Acquisitions pinpoint the origins that drive the greatest conversions so you can determine where to invest your marketing capital.

Key service offerings App marketing Companies and Agencies

Launch or scaling strategy Organic acquisition: App Store Optimisation, virality, mobile discoverability and Paid user acquisition: campaign management, optimization and creative Retention and engagement: product CRO, CRM, user activation, and app review and feedback management Data: mobile tool infrastructure, tool stack audit, data architecture, impact, and insights reporting.