Retargeting Capabilities

Only 2% of web visitors are ready to buy when they visit your site. We help lead the other 98% back to your site and help them convert when they’re ready to make a purchase through smart responsible retargeting services.
Most marketers who use retargeting see a higher ROI than from most other digital channels.
We provide strategic technologies for that relevant approach to your retargeting site visitors and generating new audiences
Expert support and help to run you through effective retargeting and prospecting campaigns across the web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other niche inventory sources

Who we are

Audience Finders is your innovative digital partner offering you technological support for retargeting campaigns. Founded precisely when remarketing forms the basis for solutions to effective marketing, we aim to make each part of your campaign create lasting relationships for your business. With a dedicated and creative team of five, each feature of your marketing-mix is optimized for effect. Years of experience in the field for the team members means we know not to play around and swindle you of your much deserved satisfaction in converting lead after lead into a delighted customer. Of course-one trick- following your visitors all over the internet to enable you to re-impress with almost full guarantee for a sale!

Process Description

Engage us to get engaging with your potential customers who have only visited your site once and never returned through;

  • Integrating cookies to stamp your brand identity across platforms
  • Enabling you to know better your buyer personaes
  • Initiating that you relate and engage with your leads
  • Support for turning your leads into delighted customers
  • Driving towards effective CRM
  • Effective integration of CMS

Helping convert web visitors into paying customers

AudienceFinders is here to direct every prospective internet user to your sales platform and ensure you pitch for a closed sale!


Our CPA services are delivered purely on a performance basis. No-sale, no-fee. For positive RoI every time.


We work with clients worldwide. With over 95% reach in USA, Europe & UK we’re able to engage consumers at scale.


Over 28% of consumers use slate/tablet devices to browse & buy. AudienceFinder IntelliAds are HTML5 mobile-compatible



We have serviced over 3000+ companies and projects with our retargeting ads with great feedback as we witnessed first-hand how they have grown tremendously. Click here for a peek at some of the companies that continue to enjoy online presence and coverage through our services. Take that first step and you will never lag behind in business again!



WE have come a long way in delighting with our services, here is what some of our customers have to say;

When I started my work as a marketing manager for Thinktank, I had no clue getting clients was that tough.Thanks to Audiencefinders, I have now built a massive portfolio.

Ryan Sangriwal, CMO, Thinktank

There are visitors to a site who will never come back, I have found the top hack for getting back all my readers for more than just a glimpse at my blogs. I enlisted AudienceFinders to help and now most have now converted to full scale subscribers and purchasers!

Leanne Peters, Travel Blogger and Fashion designer

Thank you AudienceFinders, I feel like my business just got a facelift!

Doug Hervitt, CEO, Dyna-strides

Since AudienceFinders worked on my retargeting campaign, I have seen our company grow from per day e-mail reads to per minute reads and most end in a sale.

Sue Darmasky, Business Development,Visibly Heard

Online Sales just got bigger and better with AudienceFinders retargeting team

Richard Davison, CMO, Acute Domain