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There are a lot of similar mobile applications in the market today offering the same services to clients.
Over and over again, the same perks and privileges, although relayed on various forms of
marketing spiels and advertisements.

And then now, you have on your hand a mobile application carefully
conceptualized and launched with exceptional features.

Put your Money Where the search is

The answer to making your mobile product stand out no longer rely on the traditional methods of letting the whole world know of your application’s existence. As surprising it may be, costly spending on flashy advertisements is not often the key to making your brand known. You can better maximize your money and expect a generous amount of Return on Investment (ROI) by taking advantage of Apple Search Ads!

Apple Search Ads has proven to have been continuously revolutionizing the marketing and advertising scene. It is an efficient and effective way of driving people all over the world to discover your application at the forefront of the Apple Store Search Results. You can increase the visibility of your mobile product amongst thousands and thousands of applications offering the same services out there. It banks not just on promotion based on utility and design but on making sure that the right people, at the right time,
downloads your mobile application.

Moreover, with Apple Search Ads, you have in your hands the control of mobilizing you campaigns and the visibility of who do you want to see your application based on the original target market you have on mind. What’s more is that you can be assured that you receive quality conversion of mobile application downloads. Therefore it is very crucial that campaign types are segmented depending on your marketing goals, target search key words are associated on your mobile application’s unique selling proposition, both exact match and broad match are used, negative keywords are utilized as well, and a lot more.

Sounds complicated? No need to worry of all these things.
Focus your valued time on your business and
we, at Automate. Marketing, will do the hard work for you.

Our company believes that developing and executing a marketing Automation strategy should not be complicated. With this, Automate.Marketing offers you the full advantages of E-commerce and Digital services. We focus on optimizing your application’s visibility on both the web and mobile platforms with a full suite of efficient and effective services to achieve your goals. All of these are brought to you by a professional team with a unique set of skills and experience over the years.

We specialize on Mobile Application Marketing primarily through utilizing Apple Search Ads. Our goal is to lead your wanted target market and convert them to using your mobile product using the most up-to-date and cost effective strategies. One of which is mining the rich opportunity of conversion from the iOS market. We can also offer you other services such as Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Marketing, Print and Web designing, local and organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and content marketing, and Social Media marketing. We have also successfully designed thousands of campaigns using Eloqua, Silverpop, Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo and only the best Marketing Automation tools.

Why should we be at the top of your mind? Here are the reasons why –

Your company’s goal is our goal. We aim for your company’s growth as much as you do. Automate.Marketing strives to deliver effectual and unique marketing efforts to the table for clients coming from different types of industries having conversion as the ultimate goal in mind. Not all industries have the same demands and intricacies and we go the extra mile to better know what strategies better fits your company. We try to understand first your company’s goals, proceed on customizing a marketing journey tailor-fit on your requirements, and then create marketing efforts suitable for your company’s unique needs.

Bringing you the best services the most affordable way possible. No need to be afraid on availing of our services! We believe that acquiring a quality marketing strategy need not be costly. All that is needed is to maximize the opportunities of your money by making sure that it is invested where it can give the highest rewards possible. With Automate.Marketing, you are sure you’ll get your money’s worth at the end of the day.

We give you results. Over time, we have been able to deliver cost effective digital marketing strategies serving various companies across different industries that have delivered positive impact on both online and offline conversions.

The remaining question is - Are you ready to revolutionize your mobile application? Start putting your money where the search is. See you at the top!

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