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VisiblyHeard Retargeting Campaign Impact Analysis

VisiblyHeard is an entertainment company. They had launched several social media advertising campaigns and it really had paid off as far as gaining presence on social media platforms.

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How Audience Finders Retargeting Works

  • Somebody checks your website but leaves without making a purchase or without signing up for your products or services
  • Suddenly, while browsing, we help recapture their interest with engaging ads of your offerings
  • Their attention is recaptured and we help in bringing them back to your site to complete your preferred action.

Why  Audience Finders Retargeting Works is The Best

Convert Your Visitors into Customers

Our Exit-intent technology permits you to convert your deserting visitors into revenue. It can track mouse activities when a visitor is about to leave the website. When it happens a pop up message will appear.

Professional website templates

You want to have another design for thank you pages? Or a new layout for your landing pages? We have ready made campaign templates that you can customize from our in house designers.

Customize Campaign Template Easily

We have user friendly templates that you can effortlessly customize in just a minute. No need to be a programmer just to create and edit your campaigns.

Separating Old and New Customers

Generate diverse responses for your old and new customers to increase conversion. It will automatically separate returning customers and new customers. You can give them a free giveaway or an offer that can boost your online visibility.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Drive traffic to your site by means A/B testing or Split testing, clear proposal and offer a value and outcomes in advance.

Easy Integration

We provide a very easy and user friendly navigations for you to easily install applications like Mail chimp and Get response.

Email Support

We guide you step by step to your retargeting project. We are happy to provide you detailed instructions and email support for all of your inquiries.