Display Retargeting

We integrate retargeting ads into our customer’s websites and these are customized for your business model and marketing needs….

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Display Prospecting

Involving the conversion of new customers into becoming audiences to a given organization, this form of marketing is based on…

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Audience Finder Intelliads

This involves inclusion of our patented IntelliAds system into a given organization system that generates intelligent ads based on intelligent…

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Real Time Reporting

Provides real time statistical traffic on a given website instantaneously hence accurate data that has various uses for a particular…

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Search Engine Optimization

In tandem with the integration of retargeting ads we also perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the website to further improve…

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Specialized Intelligent Ads

Running way better than most search retargeting companies, our services include a specialized intelligent ads which falls under…

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Facebook Retargeting

Easily reach consumers on Facebook who’ve visited your site without buying.

For the first time, with Audience Finder Facebook Retargeting it’s possible to drive incremental sales from Facebook. 

Dynamic retargeting on Facebook

Unlike traditional Facebook ads, Audience Finder FBX Retargeting combines retailer’s own data and our range of proprietary algorithms to select the best performing ad copy and imagery for the individual consumer every time.

Instagram Retargeting

Your website sightseer performance is evaluated. Possible patrons and new in marketplace audiences are captured with appropriate ads through the net and devices… Afterwards, sighted your advertisements, prospective clienteles visit your page to complete a transfiguration.

Mobile Retargeting

Mobile is by far-off the leading empress of screens. Your clienteles take their phone devices universally and custom them to purchase everything from shades to software. The chance is shouting to reach clients on their gadget.