Eloqua or Marketo – Which Marketing Automation Platform is Good for your Business?

Managing a marketing team can be a real challenge. This is true not just for the small and medium enterprises, but for large companies as well. The main issue here is on marketing your products and services; with a huge audience, large companies sometimes have a hard time keeping up their marketing campaigns based solely on their marketing strategy. What most marketers need is a marketing automation platform that can keep up with their demands. According to PepperGlobal’s 2014 webinar, only two marketing automation platforms remain popular out of the dozen marketing software that were tried and tested. Marketo is the most common choice among many middle-sized businesses while the Oracle Eloqua is the favorite among large companies. These two marketing platforms have been long-term rivals for years and is always a debate among companies who want to get a solid marketing platform that marketing teams with 10 users or more can use.

In order to discern which marketing platform is good for your business, we are going to have to look at each product and see if the product description and software capabilities for each platform are something that your business can use and profit from. After all, that is the goal for getting a marketing platform, right? Today, we are going to list down the qualities that most companies are after when it comes to a marketing platform and then we’ll check which one is better at the particular quality.

Sounds good? Then let’s start!

User Friendly Software – If you’re managing a marketing team of 10 users, some of these guys may still need assistance from time to time. Therefore, it’s only natural that companies would go for a marketing platform that is easy to use and has a simple interface. Take a look at the user interface below for both Marketo and Eloqua:

Marketo Smart Campaign Workflow:

Eloqua Campaign Builder:

Both seem simple enough right? However, we need a tie-breaker since we’re discerning which is better in terms of having a user-friendly interface.

According to one Sherrie Mersdorf, Director for Demand Generation at Newbrand, Eloqua’s usability may not be as user-friendly as Marketo, but the marketing platform’s smart campaign mapping system is better when compared to Marketo.  She believes that this is very important for marketing teams that want to branch out to people in different directions.

Pricing – The issue that most companies have with big marketing platforms is always the pricing. Other marketing platforms have exorbitant prices while some are too cheap that they barely work. As for Marketo and Eloqua, the two marketing platforms are very different when it comes to the price. Below, you’ll see the monthly pricing for Marketo and Eloqua’s service tier:

Eloqua and Marketo’s pricing system might be Heaven and Earth in comparison, but there is a catch; Marketo allows unlimited marketing users for all its tiers, but unless you have more than 10 users in your company’s Marketing Department, then you won’t feel the advantage at all.

Thus, it’s safe to assume that both marketing platforms have its advantages and disadvantages in the pricing system. This is something that you’ll definitely need to ponder on.

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