Digital Transformation – The Elephant that You Can’t Ignore

We believe it’s safe to say that we are living in an era where free information and data is available for those who know how to use a computer. And almost everyone now knows how to use one! Whether it’s for home use or for business purposes, the fact is that this is the Digital Age.

And speaking of the Digital Age, businesses from all over the world are undergoing what a lot of companies are calling a “digital transformation”.  We’re not talking about businesses starting to use computers and the Internet to its maximum capability and efficiency. Because to be honest, the Digital Age is not yet at its peak; there are still a lot of innovations that remain a mystery for now.  What “digital transformation” means, however, is that companies all over the world have now renewed their focus on the customer and the “human” side of business.

Indeed, with all the advancements on communication and the evolution of marketing from traditional to a more digital approach has left some questions whether companies no longer look towards the satisfaction of their customers when it comes to their products and services. If you think about it, how many people have voiced their frustration over leaving a dozen complaints about the service or product of certain companies before their inquiries were heard? Business experts believe that because companies now have access to a huge number of prospect customers (thanks to social media and cloud marketing), they can simply move on from a disgruntled old costumer to new one.

According to a research conducted by the Altemeter’s group, digital transformation is the re-alignment of technology and business models for the purpose of effectively engaging online consumers in every point of a customer’s experience lifestyle. If we put into very simple terms, it means digital transformation means transforming all known digital marketing strategies to prioritize online consumers starting from the day they brought the product/service.

Some are even calling digital transformation as a mighty beast that can’t be stopped. It’s bound to change how businesses are using social media and all other forms of online marketing strategies to better customer experience as a whole

But isn’t that what some businesses right now are doing? What makes digital transformation so important right NOW? The answer for this has something to do with how businesses are transforming their marketing strategies. Companies have gone to great lengths in making sure that their social, mobile, real-time and other disruptive technologies are now focused on making the whole consumer experience better. Digital transformation is now driving real changes within businesses in order to keep up with competitors; as such, marketing teams are forming new strategies, customer-centered guides, and team structures just to keep themselves ahead of the game!

But in the end, the real winners here are the consumers. And we believe that it’s about time that technology is put to better use in improving consumer-related issues. And that what makes digital transformation an inevitability among businesses worldwide.

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