Digital Transformation Checklist – Do You Have Everything you Need?

For a business-minded individual, the term “digital transformation” is a term that is currently on fire right now. That is because we live in the age of the Internet, where data travels at the speed of light and person-to-person communication can be done at the push of a button or by talking to your state-of-the-art mobile smartphone. For the company owner, digital transformation is a must; gone are the days when punching clocks and folder to folder reports are handed from one office to the other. With data stored in the Clouds, any information required by your company is made available to you or anyone in your office within a snap of your fingers.

For both the start-up business and the veteran company who’s been in the marketing game for decades, digital transformation is pretty much like the Wild West; it’s an adventure, yet a dangerous one. You’re bound to make mistakes at first, especially if you (or any of your employees) are having a hard time comprehending on how to use marketing automation software!

There’s no need to fret though; these issues are completely normal. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of digital transformation. Because with the right preparation, you can use this to your advantage! And for that, we’ve prepared this very simple checklist that you can refer to from time to time:

Have an open mind – When it comes right down to digital transformation, you need to look at the big picture. The transformation always starts at the top, so if you’re the owner of your own company, then it should definitely start from you. Document every factor that is disrupting your market and assemble data and proof points that can help you and your company create a decision.

Create your vision – Always remember that your digital transformation vision should be “…what digital transformation should look like in the end, as well as the top-line advantage that it carries.” Your vision should also include how digital transformation should help your goals for the business and how to improve customer experience.

Look for an executive sponsor – For someone to become an executive sponsor, he/she should have the attention of both the management and the employees. Choose wisely.

Introduce yourself to your current digital customers – When implementing digital transformation, it’s always about the customer. So it’s only important that you should know who your current digital or online customers are.  Talk to them and get to know what they really want from your company.  What are the current issues that they have with your products and/or services?

Create a map of your company’s digital journey – Just like how sailors in the past map out their destinations when traveling in uncharted waters, so should you also create a map on your company’s journey to digital transformation. Of course, it doesn’t have to be complicated; the important part here is to take note of the important ones. You can also create a sample map using the right customer experiences based on digital behavior. This will serve as a reminder for you and your employees.

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