Google Analytics  and Tag Manager Comprehensive Masterclass  is a 5-day,  hands on training programme that begin with the basics of Google Analytics, moves on to unconventional analysis and tracing performances, radical procurement analysis, including ascription, in what way Google Analytics works in aspect and how it can be best organized and settles with how Google Tag Manager can be castoff to organize simple tags and progressive event spectators.


How it will benefit you?

You will finish the 5 days having  done the mini- MBA in Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager from uncomplicated reporting to progressive analysis, through to formation and operation. You will be self-assured using, evaluating, positioning and arranging Google Analytics with or without Google Tag Manager in modest or compound settings and be able to put all the structures of Google Analytics .


Monday-1-May-2017 9:00 am Friday-5-May – 2017 5:00 pm Liverpool £1,799.45 + VAT 4
Monday-15-May-2017 9:00 am Friday-19-May – 2017 5:00 pm Glasgow £1,799.45 + VAT 4
Monday-5-June-2017 9:00 am Friday-9-June – 2017 5:00 pm Leeds £1,799.45 + VAT 4