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AudienceFinders is your innovative digital partner offering you technological support for retargeting campaigns. Founded precisely when remarketing forms the basis for solutions to effective marketing, we aim to make each part of your campaign create lasting relationships for your business. With a dedicated and creative team of five, each feature of your marketing-mix is optimized for effect. Years of experience in the field for the team members means we know not to play around and swindle you of your much deserved satisfaction in converting lead after lead into a delighted customer. Of course-one trick- following your visitors all over the internet to enable you to re-impress with almost full guarantee for a sale!

Our Story

When Audience Finders was created, it was made up of two highly committed members with only the zeal to redirect marketing and turn it into the results-oriented tool that it is meant to be. Working in marketing and management made us realize that business growth is not so much the traffic jamming their way to your sites; business growth is essentially closing that visit into a motivating customer story- by closing it in mutual satisfaction and we are aiming to help you through to that very awesome moment when you close up on a sale! Not only until the sale ends, but so that you are a forever-after memory in the minds of each of the customers you serve and those beyond!


Tim M.

Tim is the Principal Consultant of, the world’s leading retargeting consultancy. Previously, Tim worked with Digital marketing technologies at IBM Marketing Cloud, Oracle and AdRoll. Tim has devised many winning strategies for both Enterprise and rapid growth businesses. 

Andrea D.

Andrea is an experienced Digital Marketer at Audience Finders. She has been working in digital marketing since 2008. She previously worked on numerous marketing, advertising and retargeting projects in Australia. 

Jake H.

Jake is an experienced Web and WordPress developer with over 6 years’ experience in the design industry. Jake is an expert in creating Ads that convert web traffic. Advanced CSS, PHP, HTML, WordPress and Codeigniter.

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