2016 Retargeting Tactics – Which One Works?

The term “retargeting” can mean many different things when it comes to online marketing. Today, we are going to talk about retargeting as “site retargeting”. For those who are not very familiar with site retargeting, it means the ability to show display advertisements to anyone who simply visited your website and then left after a few minutes of browsing around.  Retargeting tactics are very important for almost all online businesses because most of the time, people who reach your website are still not one hundred percent sure that they’re going to buy something or get your service. Most of these guys are just checking out your website or are still deciding whether they should get your product or service.

Most retailers are very familiar with retargeting tactics, especially if one of their online customers added some items into their online cart but suddenly disappeared or went offline. Retargeting helps in bringing back this customer to the website and paying off for the items he/she got.

Retargeting has many forms and tactics. And since the end of the year is now at an official countdown and is almost upon us, it’s only fair that we should all start looking at the most popular retargeting tactics for 2016. While retargeting might be a simple concept for those who’ve been in the game for years, start-up companies actually have a good advantage, since these retargeting tactics are being handed for free; all you really need is do your research!

  1. Adding all site visitors to your target list – This is a very sensible retargeting tactic. Sure, it might not give you a precise list of those who’d want to go back to your website, but it will provide you with a list of people who have at least the interest in the products or services you are offering.
  2. Adding the remarketing code to your Youtube Channel – Youtube has always been a major traffic and engagement source for most e-commerce websites. So it only makes sense to put your remarketing code in your own Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to be engaging and to follow other channels too!
  3. Install multiple remarketing tags that are aligned with selected categories or products to spread multiple advertisements to site vendors – Here’s one good example for this particular tactic: a pet store can send cat ads that have retargeted tags in them for people who are looking to buy cat products. The same can also be done for people who are looking to buy dog products.
  4. Cookies are important – A remarketing list should have around 500 visitors with cookies before you can display your ad. Always remember that a website with very low traffic will not likely have a successful shopping cart abandonment campaign. Having a broader audience is better.
  5. Make offers that are too good to pass up – You can use such offers for your retargeting advertisement. This will surely entice anyone who passed your website to go back and order the items he or she abandoned. Remember to create marketing campaigns based on local, national, or even international events!

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